Byron Bay Ocean Swim Classic



Time: 9pm
Location: Byron Bay, AUS

The Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic is approximately 2.5 from Wategos Beach to Main Beach, Byron Bay. The Classic is a buoyed course from the start area, around The Pass and across the Bay to Main Beach.

The Ky Hurst Mini Classic, is designed for those who can competently swim approximately 800m from Clarkes Beach to Main Beach. It is to encourage participants to put a toe in the water (so to speak) and draw in more swimmers who may not be as experienced or as confident as the Classic swimmers. Unlike the Classic, which has an age limit of 12 years and over, the Mini Swim takes entrants from 9 and up and is an ideal way to introduce the participants to the joys of ocean swimming.

To be eligible for prizes and placings, swimmers must wear only conventional swimming costumes made from lycra and/or nylon and/or polyester.
Costumes must contain no neoprene or any other “high-tech” material or substance or any material with any flotation support.

Male swimmers must wear only briefs with no arms, legs or any part of the costume covering their body above the waist. Female swimmers must wear either one or two piece costumes with no arms or legs.

It does not preclude “rashies” worn for protection from the sun and/or stingers, provided they are not made from neoprene or any other “high-tech” material or substance or any material with any flotation support.

Warning is given to all entrants in the Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Classic and/or, Mini Swim that there is the risk of harm to their person and/or property arising from any inadequacy of physical condition or stamina to complete the swim, hazardous sea and beach conditions including sea currents and waves and the presence of sea craft and sea creatures and other hazards

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